Columbia County Human Resources and Payroll
  401 State Street
Hudson, NY 12534
  Phone: 518-828-4086
            Fax: 518-828-1991


Payroll and Personnel:

Who do I contact if I change my address? Please notify the person in charge of your departmental payroll so they may provide the necessary form to update your payroll with the County. Also complete an RS5512 address change form for NYS Retirement and if you have NYS Deferred Compensation, complete their form as well. 

I need to change my filing for my taxes, where do I locate the forms?  The forms are located on the Payroll Page of this website.

Can I contribute more to my retirement?  NYS Retirement sets your contribution rate for your pension, however, you may enroll in the deferred compensation plan offered through NYS Deferred Compensation.

Where do I find out about other positions available in the County? Please check out the Career Opportunities link here, or the Columbia County website Employment Opportunities page. Postings can also be found on bulletin boards in all departments.

How do I apply for Sheriff's Office Positions? Applications for employment for all Sheriff's Office positions may be obtained at the lobby of the Public Safety Facility, 85 Industrial Tract, Hudson, NY. Information regarding testing can be obtained from CC Civil Service located at 401 State Street, Hudson, NY (518) 828-6622. 

Do you hold the first paycheck? No, you get paid from day one in your first paycheck.

When do we get paid? We get paid bi-weekly, every other Thursday.

Can I direct deposit my check in more than one account? Yes, you may deposit your pay check in up to two (2) accounts. Please complete the direct deposit form here.

When will I receive my first direct deposit? Once you enroll in direct deposit, there is a one check delay before it begins to be direct deposited. 

Can I have my pay stub emailed to me? Yes, complete the Payroll Advice (Stub) Delivery Method form here and return to HR/Payroll. 


What paperwork do I need to complete if I get hurt at work? The employee must complete the SH900.2 Incident Report within three days and give to the supervisor/department head/designee in your department.

What paperwork needs to be completed if someone other than employee gets hurt on County property? Please have the injured person or witness complete the SH900.2 Incident Report and submit the report to the County Attorney's office, 401 State Street, Hudson, NY 12534.

Absence from work due to illness:

If I am going to be out due to medical illness/procedure/child birth, who do I have to notify? You will need to notify your department head of your upcoming absence and then contact HR to discuss the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and to discuss your eligibility. 

How much time do you get for FMLA? Up to 12 weeks in a 12 month period.

Do we have paid Family Medical Leave? No, we are a public employer and therefore are not required to provide paid Family Medical Leave.

Do I need to use my accruals?  Your bargaining agreement outlines how you may be required to use your accruals.

What happens when I exhaust my accruals while out on FMLA? You may ask for Sick Time donations, or if the situation warrants, you may ask for half pays, otherwise you may go unpaid.

How do I ask for Sick Time Donations? Your bargaining agreement will explain the requirements necessary to ask for the donations. If you meet the requirements, please contact HR for a posting to be distributed throughout the County.

What happens if I am unable to return after the 12 weeks of FMLA leave? You may need to request an "extended sick leave" from your department head and follow the guidelines in your bargaining agreement as to the necessary documentation to be provided for the extended leave.

For a Retiring or Resigning Employee:

Do I get paid out my vacation/comp time? Yes, based on your bargaining agreement.

Am I required to give notice if I retire or resign? Yes, you must give notice, please refer to your collective bargaining agreement.

Who do I need to contact if I am retiring? 1.) Contact NYS Retirement at 866-805-0990 or you may apply on line through NYS Retirement; 2.) Please notify your department head/supervisor of your last day; and 3.) Contact the Human Resources Department regarding retiree health insurance.

When I retire, what happens to my sick time/personal time? Your sick time/personal time can be converted to a dollar figure to assist in paying for your retiree health insurance.

Health Insurance and Benefits:

When will my coverage start? Health insurance benefits start on your 90th day of employment with the county. Dental and vision coverage begins at approximately six months. Please send your application to Human Resources two weeks before this time.  

Why is my prescription not covered? Are you using your ProAct card? All prescriptions are covered by ProAct, not CDPHP, call the ProAct Help Desk  @ 877-635-9545.

Can I keep insurance when I retire? Yes, if you have more than 10 continuous years of service. Please contact Laurie in the Human Resources department to discuss. 

Can I add my significant other/domestic partner to my insurance? No, our current plans do not cover domestic partners.

What is a Flexible Spending Plan? Flexible spending plans help you budget for medical or dependent care costs pre-tax for the year. For medical plans, you will receive a pre-loaded credit card with your chosen amount for you to use for medical expenses throughout the calendar year. Equal amounts are taken from your bi-weekly paycheck to equal the amount loaded onto your card. Dependent care works a little different - please contact Laurie at Human Resources for more information. 

I don't have my 1095C to do my taxes? The IRS sets a deadline for when 1095C's are due to employees. Just answer the question regarding if you have health coverage or not. When you receive your 1095C, please keep it with your tax forms to prove your coverage if you are ever audited. 


What trainings are mandatory annually? Workplace Violence Prevention, Anti-Harassment and Discrimination, PESH (Public Employee Safety & Health).

Who has to take these trainings? All staff who receive a paycheck/W-2.

When do I need to take these trainings? All staff will be trained upon hire & annually trained by Human Resources.

Can mandated trainings be completed online? At this time all federal & state mandated trainings must be in classroom style/face to face format. However, due to COVID-19, trainings will be online until further notice.